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What our clients say

I was shocked to see that my right hip was higher than my left. Johan and the Schroth Method have gotten me straight again, and relieved my lower back pain, besides. Thank you, Johan and wonderful OSPT staff. 
Carol W.

I was in Yellowstone National Park playing in the snow and damaged by left rotor cuff while snowshoeing.  Two months later I could not lift my arm above my shoulder. My doctor sent me to Johan and his associates to regain use of my arm and shoulder. Under their guidance and encouragement and Johan’s manipulations I began the long restoration process.  Johan bent and twisted me and ensured the muscles slowly restored themselves. The entire group was always friendly but the key issue was they created a sense of trust.  I knew I was being told to do things correctly. If I again require physical therapy, I would head back to Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy.
Fred. W

My 17 year old daughter has been a regular patient of Johan van Schalkwyk at OSPT for the last two years.  She has scoliosis and is currently receiving the Schroth method of PT.  Her pain level in her back has been greatly reduced and there has been no further progression of her scoliosis!  She feels so much better physically and emotionally working with Johan and his warm friendly staff!  Doing the Schroth exercises works and is a great way to reduce pain and maintain scoliotic curves. We are extremely happy and satisfied with OSPT!  
Anne P

When my daughter was only 5 yrs old I started noticing changes in her spine. After finally convincing her pediatrician to perform an X-ray, it was determined that she had scoliosis. Her lower spinal curve was at 24 degrees, her upper curve at 12 degrees. The first specialist we had seen said that she would soon be braced for 20hrs per day until she was past puberty. We weren't happy with that. We got a second opinion from another specialist and he recommended enrolling her in a physical therapy program with Johan. Initially, we visited Johan 3xs per week and gradually scaled back once my young daughter, husband and myself became comfortable with the Schroth Method exercises. We perform the Schroth exercises daily on our own and visit Johan monthly to make sure our technique is correct. My daughter was Johan's youngest patient to start in his program for scoliosis treatment. To date, my daughter has mystified the specialist. He can no longer detect an upper curve on spinal X-rays and her lower curve is less than 10 degrees! We believe in the Schroth method and Johan! Thank you! 
The Y Family

After my daughter was told she needed to wear a brace for scoliosis, she immediately began the Schroth method of treatment with Johan.  After just a few sessions, she felt stronger and more in control of her condition.  Johan and his staff are friendly and professional, and she looked forward to her sessions each week.

Lisa S :)

We think you guys are all amazing - the whole team. We were so worried when Claire was diagnosed with scoliosis, but you put us at ease right away. And the Schroth method worked so well. Johan was an amazing teacher and supported Claire throughout her treatment, and we believe her work with you kept her from needing a brace. As Claire says, Johan helped me reduce my curve! Thank you for everything. 

Carol W
Fred W
Anne P
Y Family
Lisa S
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